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“Academic literature has a missing link. As a student I purchased over two dozen networking books to help me connect with the right people. Most of these books were written by executives and well known people. In one of these books  the author gloated about networking with over a million twitter followers.  I simply couldn’t relate. Another author talked about how he helped the Clintons raise funds and had access to the wealthiest and most successful people in our society. Again, I couldn’t relate.  

Only a few networking books spoke directly to college students. Most books were intended for business professionals who already had careers. The rare books for students contained only simple ideas and suggestions. Even then, the authors were professors who seemed out of touch with what it’s like to be a student in the 21st century.  

That’s why I wanted to write a thorough, easy to use book on student networking, with specific strategies for using social media, professional organizations, alumni associations, family, friends, and many other readily available resources. 

As a student, I couldn’t find books that taught me what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to. This book teaches those very things."

Jarom J. Schmidt

Clyne G. H. Namuo, Jarom J. Schmidt, MHSA
6 x 9 paper - 186 pp
ISBN 978-0-9906862-2
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.



The Innovative Leader's Handbook

Across the United States, community college leaders are struggling to meet their lofty missions with fewer resources than ever before.  They face this fiscal crisis with resilience and determination.

In this book, Dr. Namuo answers the primary question driving his research: "How do we, as community college leaders, facilitate strategic success and innovation despite reduced financial resources?"

Using his experience as a community college leader, his yearlong multisite research study on community colleges and fiscal constraint, and other higher education research, Namuo provides a useful guide for community college leaders at all levels.

Despite being rooted in rigorous academic research, this is not an overly technical book.  This readable text provides information on the comprehensive mission of today's modern community colleges, the external forces that exert pressure on them, and specific strategies for community college leaders.

Community College Strategy will not only inspire readers, but also provide new tools and perspectives for leaders who wish to move their institutions in positive and sustainable strategic directions.

Community College Strategy actually goes beyond simply offering strategic tools to community college leaders.  With this book, I want to help community colleges take their rightful strategic place in higher education." says Dr. Namuo.

Clyne Namuo's book, like his life, expresses much of what is special about community college professional -- a combination of passionate commitment and practical pursuit of how best to serve students and communities.  Namuo offers valuable insights about the challenges community college leaders face, as well as about the strategic choices they must make.

     -Gary Rhoades, Ph.D.
      Head, Dept of Educational Policy Studies & Practice
      Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Higher Education
      College of Education -- University of Arizona
      Author: Academic Capitalism and the New Economy:
      Markets, State, and Higher Education

  Clyne G. H. Namuo, Ph.D.

Clyne G. H. Namuo, Ph.D.
5.5 x 8.5, paper, 150 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-96-6
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.



How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget.

about the book: The popular guide used by entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and non-profits everywhere to build an irresistible brand on any budget is now updated!  Branding Basics for Small Business, 2nd Edition includes fresh content around social media, content marketing and networking trends and additional real-world case studies of small business and entrepreneurial success.

Small businesses, start-ups, and non-profits enviously watch "the big guys" create tribes of loyal followers.  How do they do it?  What can time and resource-strapped organizations learn from them?  The secret is a strong Brand Strategy, which goes far beyond a logo.  Brand is your core promise, personality and reason for being.  Effective branding isn't about how much money you spend, but on how clearly and consistently you communicate the right message through all you do.

Maria Ross
Available Now!
5.5 x 8.5, paper, 206 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-87-4
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.




How I changed my Life and Business - and You Can Too

In Wake-Up Call: How I Changed My Life and Business ― and You Can Too. Harvey Bookstein reveals the secrets behind Therapeutic Accounting®, his innovative and holistic approach to business. But Harvey's story isn't just about business: it's about living a full life while achieving success in the workplace.

In 1975, Harvey co-founded RBZ, a company that would become one of Los Angeles' largest and most highly respected public accounting firms. Along the way he evolved from an unhappy workaholic with a narrow perspective and dysfunctional family, into a complete, balanced human being who is more self-aware, more capable of giving and receiving love, and more fulfilled than he ever knew was possible.

Now the Managing Visionary Partner for RBZ, Harvey Bookstein is a revered and creative figure in the industry. Wake-Up Call tells Harvey's story in his own words: the unvarnished truth of how a workaholic changed his life, fixed what was broken, and discovered a few simple truths.

This book shines a bright light on the values and principles Harvey Bookstein learned over a lifetime and continues to practice. Whether you're interested in his personal life, or seeking a new vision for your own, Wake-Up Call has much to offer.

Harvey A. Bookstein, CPA

Available Now
6 X 9, paper, 280 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-79-9
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.



9 Fundamentals For Professional Success

Taking the Mystery Out of Business: is a fresh, practical guide to the business world.  Author Linda Faulkner lays out the fundamentals, providing examples and tips so newcomers to the business world can easily gain an understanding of the challenges they face.  Experienced professionals will benefit from a refresher on basic strategies and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Linda Faulkner
Available Now
6 X 9, paper, 204 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-27-0
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.


Bring Your Audience To Their Feet by Irene Brennick

Why Just Speak When You Can Inspire?

ring Your Audience to Their Feet is more than a how-to book on the art of great presentations. You’ll gain confidence and further your career, while learning to connect with your audience in a unique, meaningful way.  Most books on public speaking are either unwieldy textbooks, how-to-books that focus on a single aspect of speaking, or books that target business professionals.  True public speaking is sincere, compassionate, and comes from the heart.  Let Irene Brennick show you how it's done!

Irene Brennick
Available Now!
5.5 x 8.5, paper, 124 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-22-5
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.



What You've Lost and How To Get It Back

This book was written for the job seekers and the underemployed in our struggling economy.  It provides a multitude of helpful concepts and ideas; a book of observations and new realities.  It is a book that addresses what has happened to you personally and professionally, then offers tools and better ideas that will provide insight to create real change.

Howard Adamsky

Available Now!
5.5 x 8.5, paper, 192 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-46-1
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.

The Golden 120 Seconds Of Every Sales Call by Peter Dennis

Highly Recommended for sales training.

In this fresh, innovative look at the sales process, Peter Dennis shows both new and experienced sales professionals how to use key fundamentals with every call, every selling interaction, and every opportunity to make something happen.

Peter G. Dennis

Available Now!
5 x 8, paper, 128 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-20-1
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.

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