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We Accept
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We Accept
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We Accept Submissions By Email Only

We’re looking for nonfiction titles pertaining to business, health and wellness, psychology, science, and current affairs. We’re willing to consider almost any nonfiction topic. A strong marketing plan is a top requirement.

EMAIL QUERIES ONLY! If interested, we will ask for further material, which you may send via email attachment. Do not send attachments unless requested.


If your nonfiction query is of interest we’ll ask for your book proposal, which should contain the following sections:

     Title page
     Table of Contents for the proposal
     Overview (no longer than 1 ˝ pages)
     About the Author

The Market (Who will buy the book? Who is your audience?)

     Marketing and Promotion (What specific things will you do to help sell your book?)
     Competition (List of recent competing titles and how your book compares)
     Status of Book (length, completion date, etc.)
     Table of Contents (optional)
     Chapter Outline (a brief statement explaining what each chapter will contain)
     Sample Chapter

Also include a cover letter or original query note. Be sure to include contact information, including your physical address, telephone number, and email address.


"I really enjoy working with you - just fyi, you are the most attentive publisher I've ever worked with, more on top of the situation and professional in how to get the book out. I think you're treating me great!"

-Yvonne Vissing, Ph.D. co-author of
Going Gluten Free: A Guide to Healthy Living, Dining, and Cooking

NorLights Press is a great place for authors, new or established, because of their dedication to helping artists and writers bring their work to the world. They're not cynical or calculating, they're not chasing industry trends in the hope of making a quick buck. They look for talent and passion, and when they find it, they're eager to be involved.

Our book was a nonfiction horror filmmaking book, a genre they hadn't worked with previously; but they felt it had potential, and they pursued its publication with equal parts zeal and professionalism.

The process of putting out a book is never easy; but Sammie, Dee, and everyone at NorLights made it as pleasant and rewarding an experience as possible.

-Christopher and Kathleen Vander Kaay
The Anatomy of Fear

I had always dreamed of writing a book. NorLights Press made that possible, and I recommend them to anyone who has also had that distant dream but is ready to do more - to make it a reality.

The publishing process can be overwhelming, and I am so thankful I was with NorLights Press for my first book. They were there for me every step of the way, answering my questions and guiding me along the right path towards a successful book. They have tremendous experience and are willing to go above and beyond to market your book with you - much more than many large publishers. Like almost every publisher today, the bulk of the marketing is the responsibility of the author, however I was so thankful for the many ways Sammie and Dee were willing to work with my ideas and make them happen.

While you can be quickly forgotten with a large publisher, NorLights Press and the publishers are accessible. Sammie and Dee feel like friends, and they have been so helpful whenever I have a question. I'm beyond thankful that my literary agent led me to NorLights Press, and because of them my book is not only a reality, but a success.
-Sincerely Isa Adney - author of Community College Success

My first book was published by one of the biggest in the business. My second by NorLights Press. When/if I have a third, I wholeheartedly would prefer that NorLights be my publisher. Sammie, Dee, and Nadene worked quickly, professionally, and considerately to turn my manuscript into a book. They kept me informed and involved in every step of the process. and, as we collaborated, I felt as if I were working with long-time friends instead of anonymous business associates. Upon publication of my book, they also proved invaluable for marketing. They provided guidance I never received from the major publisher. And they quickly responded to any request I made for advice and/or assistance. NorLights Press gives small publishers a great name.

--Robert Montgomery,
senior writer for B.A.S.S. Publications and author of Why We Fish: Reel Wisdom From Reel Fishermen

What happens when Random House or HarperCollins doesn’t offer you a quarter-million dollar advance for your masterpiece? Mike Jastrzebski has had a lot of success with self-publishing. He’s put a lot of work into marketing and promoting his books. And it has paid off.

But, there is another option.

When my agent started shopping around a few years ago, she hit all the major publishers in New York. For a year we received polite rejections saying “not for us” and “not marketable”. There were positive comments on the writing and the story, but no one knew what to do with it. Yachting is a small community that no one knew how to tap into. I was about to give up.

But, my agent branched out further and found a small publisher that was just starting up. NorlightsPress.Com was an independent press that wanted to publish Sea Fare as their first book. I was thrilled.

We started sending e-mails back and forth and exchanging ideas. Not a day went by that I didn’t have multiple e-mails from one of the editors or the publisher himself. They asked my opinion and answered my questions as they arose. I felt like I was a star with a whole team of publishing professionals behind me. I felt apart of their family. They gave Sea Fare 100% of their attention.

Now, you might say that that was easy since I was their only client at the time, but in the two years since publication of Sea Fare, NorLights has expanded. They now have 35 published books and work with dozens of authors. And not once in that time have they ignored me or shuffled my work to the bottom of the pile (like I hear authors at big publishing houses complain about).

Today, I sit poised to release my second book with NorlightsPress and have found the experience to be just as intimate and rewarding. The last week of October, I sent in SEAsoned: A Chef’s Journey with Her Captain, thinking that I would have a few weeks break from writing before I heard anything back. NorLights received my manuscript on Friday. By Monday, I had my first set of revisions to approve from the copy-editor. By the end of the week we were discussing cover design. SEAsoned was receiving as much attention as Sea Fare did and it was going fast! The editor and I discussed what I liked about my first book and what we should change. When I suggested including “Chef Victoria” graphics as chapter openings they bent over backwards to accommodate the request. We sent rewrites back and forth with the speed of a cigarette race boat. Much faster and with more input from me than a big house offers their authors. I felt like I was apart of the whole process.

And not only did they focus on SEAsoned but they decided to revamp Sea Fare adding similar graphics and changing the type-set so it would match the second book. NorLights looked to the future of my brand and wanted both books to reflect where we were headed. What other publisher would go to those lengths?

For anyone looking to publish in this ever-changing publishing industry, I would strongly suggest taking a look at a smaller publisher. Join a family. Be loved.

--Victoria Allman


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