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Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies
Growing up with Nature.

In Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies - Growing Up with Nature, award winning outdoors writer Robert Montgomery and 13 friends explore what and how we learn about life from the everyday miracles of nature.  Each story celebrates the tangible and intangible blessings we derive from the outdoors.

These tales encourage us to sleep in a tent, swim in a lake, blow the fluff off a dandelion, and wish on a falling star.  Invest enough time and a butterfly might land on your nose, or a hummingbird on your finger.  You might see an eagle soar or a double rainbow splashed across the western sky at dawn.

Read this book to a child!  Take it with you on a hike, a fishing excursion, or camping trip.  The essays and short stories will inspire you to enjoy the natural world, even if you don't know a cricket from a cricket frog.  They will enlighten you with cautionary tales of thin ice and blazing campfires.  They will entertain you with accounts of an alien invasion, white rats run amuck, and an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies will educate you about nature's mysteries and miracles, ranging from mermaids and snake spit, to African lions and Ozark dinosaurs.  This book will take you to the stars, the mountains, and a little creek below the tree line at the baseball field.  And if you enjoyed the outdoors as a child, they will bring back glorious memories.

Robert U. Montgomery    
Available Now!
6 x 9, paper, 222 pp.
ISBN 978-0-9906862-0-0
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.




Why We Fish
Reel Wisdom From Real Fishermen.

In Why We Fish, Robert Montgomery examines the reasons we keep going back to the water and how fishing enriches us, both individually and as a society.  Contributed by ten passionate anglers, the essays on these pages celebrate the tangible and intangible blessing we derive from one of man's oldest pastimes.

What is life all about?  Go fishing and find out.  But first, enjoy the wonderful essays in Why We Fish.

Robert discovered that we fish to remember, and we fish to forget.  We fish when we're happy, and when we're sad.  We fish to bond with friends and family, or to be alone.  Whatever our motivation, no matter where we are on the success spectrum, fishing makes our lives better in ways we never could have imagined.  It slows us down.  It sets us free.  It teaches us about nature, even while showing us how much we don't know.  And fishing becomes the foundation for our fondest memories.

Robert U. Montgomery

Available Now!
6 x 9, paper, 222 pp.
ISBN 978-1-93524-78-2
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.


The Color Of The Wild
An Intimate Look At Life In An Untamed Land

Along the Continental Divide, high in the San Juan Mountains where the Rio Grande is born, lies a wilderness as proud and strong-willed as the woman who chose to build a life there. Here unfolds the story of this woman, her son, horses, and a mountain—and the man who rides with them into a life where no one has lived before. In this country where winters are harsh, wild, and remote, author Gin Getz learns to bend and grow within the trust of shared isolation.

Parallel with the story of living on the mountain is a darker tale of heartbreak that threatens to tear apart their attachment to the wilderness. Gin lives under  a dark cloud as her husband’s family disintegrates over issues of pride and  ownership; a story rarely told but so common throughout the West.

Along the way, Gin’s readers enter a world of deep beauty, fresh perceptions, simple humor and breath-taking writing as The Color of the Wild unfolds, season by season, through one year on the mountain.

Gin Getz
Available Now!
6 x 9, paper, 200 pp.
ISBN 978-1-93524-86-7
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.


The Last Of The Living Blue
A Year Of Living And Dying Among The Trees

Your awaken to the smell of a familiar lover as the blinding sun of early morning spreads across the pillows like spilled milk.  You wonder how an earth you got yourself in this position again.

I'm home after four months away.  My husband is beside me.  My land is under me.  She is dry.  The winter was not easy on her, leaving hillsides wind whipped and exposed when we expected to find a blanket of mild snow still embracing her.  Instead, we see a landscape of brown grasses and grey trees standing as skeletons, casting thin shadows yet somehow still whispering.  I try to listen,  Ghostly voices in the spring wind welcome me home.  at Least that's what I like to think.

Since returning home two day ago, I haven't gone beyond our tucked in valley.  I haven't pressed deep into her woods to see what life remains or how far the epidemic has spread.  I will.  I know I must.  No matter what awaits me.

Although I have come to accept it, seeing this huge devastation from such tiny beetles can be overwhelming.  I'm prepared for the worst.  How bad will that be?

I have great trust that the mountain will be fine long after this is--over with or without her trees.  Right now, I'd say it will be without.  One day soon she may stand naked, unadorned.  And for me, one small woman who shoe to call this big mountain home, I will still find no place more beautiful than here.

Gin Getz
Available Now!
6 x 9, paper, 184 pp.
ISBN 978-1-93524-92-8
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.

Medicine Seeker by Stan Hughes

In this personalized look at Native-American spirituality, Ha-Gue-A-Dees-Sas combines his own dramatic experiences with the words of tribal elders in a historical look at Native American practices.  In a historical look at Native American practices, Hughes relates his adventures with healing, sweat lodges, a vision quest, and finding his totem animal.

Chapters explore: The Great Spirit, The Sacred Circle, Sacred Pipes, Legends and Songs, How to Find Your Personal Totem, Crystals, and High Places.

Stan Hughes
Available Now!
6 x 9, paper, 188 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-23-2
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.


A Year of Adventure with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

Farming Around the Country reveals the humor and hardship of life dominated by a  revolving door of farm animals, injuries, eccentric farmers, and unexpected wisdom.  The heart of this story lies with the unusual people and tasks on each farm.  Bender entered his year of transformation as a high school science teacher and came out educated in the ways of sustainable living and human happiness.

Brian J. Bender
6 x 6, paper, 244 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-32-4
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.


An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century.

Throughout the world, people are working to improve the earth and reverse the effects of industrial farming.  The Call of the Land shows how everyone can get involved on a personal level, in their own communities.  This is a sourcebook exploring positive pathways for food security, economic stability, environmental repair, and cultural renewal.

Steven McFadden
Available Now!
6 X 9 Paper, 208 pp.
ISBN 978-1-935254-11-9
$2.95 Shipping For 1st Item - $1.00 For Each Additional Item.

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